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Ince Blundell is a small village community of 2,258 acres situated half way between Liverpool and Southport, just off the main A565 and is today part of the Borough of Sefton.

Ince Blundell Village however, predates both Liverpool and Southport by many hundreds of years and is perhaps one of the oldest settlements in Merseyside. The name Ince derives from a Celtic word 'Hinne' meaning island in the marsh (see history pages) and this name gives a hint to the origins of the village and what conditions were like for the first settlers. Blundell was the name of the predominant landowners and was added to Ince in 1367 to distinguish between the Ince near Wigan and the Ince near Warrington.

Today, Steeped in its history and character Ince Blundell is a great place to live and work and despite the many changes that the modern world has brought still remains a beautiful village. In recent years many of the village families that have lived here for generations have felt that with the closure of the school and shop, the pub becoming a restaurant the village was losing its identity and becoming lost amidst the Merseyside conurbation. However, the strong sense of community is now being fostered by some new initiatives and with a renewed interest in history the residents of Ince Blundell; both young and old, those born and bred and those more recently arrived are all working hard to strengthen our village community for everyone to enjoy. I hope you enjoy browsing around this web site, keep checking back for updates and additions.







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