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Through the scarcity of historical sources any history of Ince Blundell can only give us the mearest glimpse of what life was like here in the past. The previous pages have focused understandably on the activities of the Blundell family as the predominant landowners. But what of the ordinary working people of the Village? the untold peasants, villeins, yeomen, milk maids and farm hands? In my own back garden I have a cheese press made of sandstone with the initials T T M inscribed on it and the date 1704. This was found whilst tidying up the old farm yard at Eccleston Farm, it had lain half buried for many years and it was only on rolling it over that I saw the inscription. Who was TTM? Did he own the cheese press? Was he the man who made it? How many people had used the cheese press over the years and even more importantly what did the cheese taste like? Again during the renovation of Gardeners Cottage an old shirt was found stuffed under the roof plate. The owner John Ashton, asked Liverpool museum to date it and they suggested that it was most likely from the early 1800's. But who's shirt was it? Why did they put it there? What kind of person was the owner of the shirt ? What worries, dreams and problems did he have? Did they get in trouble for not bringing it home? Back