The Parish Council

The civil Parish is the smallest unit of local government. What can Parish Councils do?

Parliament has given various powers to Parish Councils. A key role is to represent the interests of their local community, e.g. by commenting on planning applications and to lobby other authorities on matters affecting their parish. They also have powers relating to:

the provision of recreational facilities, community centres and public buildings, crime prevention, community transport, public toilets, tourism, allotments, footpaths, village greens and war memorials, street lighting, certain aspects of highway maintenance, litter, open spaces, traffic calming etc. Powers were recently increased. They also act to represent residents of the parish on issues such as problems with highways and bins, and with local businesses.
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The Parish Councillors for Ince Blundell are:

Mr Kevin Sharpe (Chair)

Mr Roger Jenkins, Mr Michael Mansour and Mr. Robert Waugh

The Clerk to the Parish Council is Mr Ian Cowell.

This year the Parish Council has continued to work hard to ensure that the interests of the local community are heard with in the borough of Sefton. The council has continued to lobby for a better Bus service for the village and to monitor planning developments and other issues that are of a concern to the village such as the proposed flood defences and new road link in Thornton..

The Parish Council backs the Christmas Tree light switch on and the Rembrance Day ceremony at the War Memorial.

The Parish Council continues to lobby Scottish Power/Manweb for a reliable electricity supply for the Village.

Liason with Mersey Travel and Arriva on the state of the bus service to the Village.

Parish Council backing of Home Watch Scheme.

Usually a representative from the local Police attends the Parish Council meetings and gives a comprehensive report on any criminal activities in and around Ince Blundell.

All correspondence for the Parish Council should be through the Clerk Mr Ian Cowell contact him via e-mail at

Opt out notice for SAAA scheme.